We’ve worked hard to make our themes as easy to use as possible, yet we know you might still have a few questions. Our support center exists so you can get set up and rock the world with your new website in no time. We want to make that happen, that’s why we’re here to talk to you like a friend, get back to you in a timely manner, and provide you answers to the questions that not even Google can help you with.

With that being said, our support policy is in place to clearly outline what is and is not covered. We’re not required to offer this level of support, but we choose to do so because we know how nice it is to have a friendly voice on the other end when you’re having trouble getting the ball rolling.

What’s covered (and what isn’t)

Our support system is in place to ensure that you are able to get your theme installed, configured, and working for you just like the demo site of the respective theme, as easily as possible. We’re here to resolve any questions you might have about the installation process itself, getting any of the theme functionalities to work as shown, or fixing any bugs you might have found along the way.

Please understand that all design decisions have been consciously made by us to create a great-looking theme – please use the features and functionalities of the theme as they were intended, as opposed to trying to modify it into something that looks and functions differently. We cannot help with theme customizations, or provide support for any issues caused by modification to the theme’s code, styling, or functionality, whether performed by you or others.

We do not offer general support for the installation, administration, or customization of the WordPress platform itself. The WordPress.org forums provide lots of WordPress-specific advice and can help you with any WordPress-related issues you might be facing. As well, never underestimate the power of a simple Google search.

We do not offer support related to third-party plugins – any issues should be raised with that particular plugin’s author. All third-party plugins should be disabled before submitting a support ticket.

We are unable to provide support related to your server or hosting configuration – these issues must be raised with your specific hosting provider.
Scope of Support

We are more than happy to help you with issues or questions related to:

Installing one of our themes
Setting up the theme to function like the demo site
Updates to the WordPress platform and the impact on our theme
General bug fixes

We, unfortunately, cannot help you with:

Theme customizations or modifications
General WordPress questions and support
Third-party plugins
Issues arising from user modifications to the theme’s code, styling, or functionality

Reporting Bugs:

Each theme is rigorously tested before being packaged for sale, but hey, we’re human. We strive to resolve any bugs that are reported to us as soon as possible and will include the appropriate patches in the next theme update.

Support Hours:

We respond to support requests from Monday to Friday and aim to respond to all questions within 72 hours. Please understand that more technical questions may take longer. Also, understand that we may be located in a different time zone than you, therefore we cannot guarantee any specific hours of the day we are available to respond.